Track your weight
without being tracked

weightEZ is a free weight loss tracker with charts that display your progress and helps you stay motivated in achieving your weight loss goals with complete privacy.
Free Registration begins July 2020.

Personal Information Required

No personal information is required to create your account. The pin number you create is your key forever.

Sharing with Social Networks

Your private biometric information will never be shared or sold to social networks or anyone else.

Cost To Use Our App

Our weight loss app is completely free. Focus on your wellness and health with zero cost for our app.

What This Dashboard Can Do For You

Whether you are using a laptop or mobile phone, you can edit and manage your data via our attractive user interface.

Track Your Weight

Track Your Weight Changes

Add a new weight record to your dashboard when your weight changes

Monitor Your Weight Trends

Monitor Your Weight Trends

Vizualize your weight trends with simple charts and graphs

Track Your Measurements

Track Your Body Measurements

Track your body's size changes in imperial and metric units